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Speed Post Vs Courier

The only way, in early India to connect with individuals was by sending letters with the pigeon’s help that took many days to reach the destination, but soon after some time, the service of postal came that helped the people in the faster delivery of those letters. However, with such an emergence, it took no time that the telecommunication and internet channels came into existence and the need of sending letters through posts got decreased due to the reason that people now can communicate with each other in fractios of seconds.

Despite of this technology, people are still using the service of post to send the essential documents like brochures, confidential documents, commercial papers, forms etc. But these days, the things have been changes, people do not have to wait for many days to receive the letters as with the speed post’s introduction and the courier services, the task of sending letters or documents have become convenient and quick. A quick review of the difference between a courier and speed post is mentioned below:

Comparison Chart

Basis for Comparison Speed Post Courier
Meaning A speed post is a postal service that is high speed provided by postal department, that provides on-time delivery of parcels, important documents and letters across the world. A courier service is provided by the company employees or the company that helps in delivering the parcels, mails and messages.
Coverage Across the world Across the entire nation, but it depends on the company network.
Availability of Service The postal service is available the entire year except Sundays. The courier service is available entire year, including Sundays.
Company Indian Postal Services. Some famous companies are First Flight courier limited, Blue dart Express limited, DHL Express India Pvt Ltd, etc.
Tracking Status Provided by the speed post. Provided by the Courier Companies.


  • Speed Post defination: A Speed Post is a fast-speed postal service that was started in 1986 and it provides a much faster delivery of commercial papers, documents, cards, letters, parcels, etc. for the people. This service was started by the Indian Postal Department in India in the ‘EMS Speed Post’ name, which ensures an excellent coverage and time bound delivery across the nation. It offers a well established status tracking service also that helps the people to known about their parcel’s status online.
  • Courier defination: A courier service is a service that is provided by the company employees or the company that helps in the delivery of documents, cards, mails, parcels, messages, etc. Some famous courier companies are Blue Dart Express limited, First Flight courier limited, DHL Express India Pvt Ltd, etc. offering a faster delivery of parcels. The courier service is available for the people 24/7 throughout the year and therefore there is no boundation of time.


Advantages of Speed Post

  • Saves time and cost
  • Network
  • Guarantee
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Time bound delivery

Advantages of Courier

  • Saves money and time
  • Fast delivery
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • 24/7 service


  • both saves money and time
  • both delivers the parcels within a duration of 24- 72 hours
  • both are equally reliable
  • both gives the tracking facility of the parcel status online
  • both delivers the letters and parcels

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