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Postal Department of India runs speed post tracking service under which one can easily trace its speed post courier or other posts in India. To trace your post or consignment one has to visit the official site of Indian Postal Department and have to submit their speed post number just to trace the consignment. Another tracing facility has also been introduced by the department to trace the consignment through SMS.


SMS Tracking of Speed Post

In 2009, the SMS Tracking service was introduced and since then, it has been successfully running as well as satisfying the customers across the world. One can use SMS speed post tracking with the help of EMO (electronic money order) and Speed post.

Step followed in SMS Speed Post Tracking System are

  • First Step for EMO: Write “EMO<space>EMO PNR No.” OR “MO<space>emo PNR No."
  • First Step for Speed Post: “EMS<space>Speed Post number” OR “SP<space>Speed Post number”
  • Second Step: While sending the message you need not to write ‘IN’ wile typing your speed post number in the message.

For Example type only ‘SP EK453782983’ if your speed post number is ‘EK453782983in’ and send it to 55352. As service is not case sensitive so you can write English alphabets in capital as well as in small.

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